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Attention Coaches, Consultants, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs...

Be on the cutting edge! The #1 Way to Step Up Your Skills...

...by investing less than 12 minutes every week!

What could you accomplish if you spent just 1% of your monthly working hours learning the main ideas from the world's best business and personal development books?

We have collection of over 300 book summaries for you, that you can read or even listen to its audio in less than 12 minutes every week and put yourself ahead of your competitors in terms of business development and leadership skills.

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Enter into a World of Possibility

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve goals which leaves 92 percent of people who set New Year's goals BUT never actually achieve them.


I knew something had to change, and then I stumbled upon a book called, “Atomic Habits.” I recognized how creating positive habits is the most important thing you can do to have a successful life.


We’ve transformed the wisdom of top business and professional development books into potent, bite-sized 12-minute audio or read-through summaries. Now you can:

  • Dissolve any excuse you're holding on to 

  • Let go of your limiting beliefs

  • Be willing to work towards a better version of yourself 

  • Be open to making long-term vision of your personal and business growth

  • Make each day a milestone with a fresh dose of knowledge.

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    Some Of Our Success Stories

    "It helped me close over $20,000 in new group coaching business over the first month, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's truly possible once I get this process completely dialed in."

    Joan Nosal

    Executive Coach

    "What I love most about the program is how simple and straightforward it is. If you want to generate leads for your business, and are tired of complicated funnels and technology, joining this program is a no-brainer."

    Bob Kantor

    Executive Coach and Creator of the Simple Leadership LifeCycle System

    "I joined the Dreams Accelerator Academy, and one week later I closed my first five-figure coaching deal. The support I get from the community is incredible."

    Micheal Hubicki

    Executive Coach and Founder of Thriving Mayor

    Sherry Norton

    Founder of Trippy Homes

    Here's What You Will Get Today

    Gain instant access to summaries of four best-selling books, then enjoy a weekly delivery of one full book as part of your subscription plan.

    Atomic Habits

    86,360 Amazon Ratings

    Life Force

    4,659 Amazon Ratings

    Think Again

    12,299 Amazon Ratings


    189 Amazon Ratings

    Pricing Plans

    Choose from the below given pricing options depending upon your success goals



    Per month

    • Immediate access to 4 Best Seller Books

    • Bite-sized wisdom of a new book summary every following week, zero fluff

    • Content ranges from mindset to advanced sales tactics

    • Actionable insights for immediate application

    Lifetime All-Access


    One-time payment

    • Instant access to over 300 book summaries

    • More than 60 hours of audio and text, learn on your terms

    • Includes new book summaries

    • Monthly expert sessions for advanced strategies

    • 30-minute Personal Power session to stand out and win big

    • 100% 30-day money-back guarantee

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