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The Toolbox For Elite Business Leaders and Advisors

Everything you need as a Business Leader or Advisor to start exploring and profiting from Generative AI. From introductory courses and live workshops, to prompt libraries and advanced execution tools, you'll find it all here.

Be Among The Top Leaders using this Toolbox Weekly

Leadership & Business Builder Workshops

Just starting out or looking to grow your career/business?

The future belongs to those who can build into their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly workflows. Our Leadership & Business Builder Workshop series will help you get started and work towards a 100X improvement in every area of your business.

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Career & Business Strategy Tools

Build a winning business strategy with AI

Every week we’ll give you access to new business & career strategy tools, powered by AI. Need to build a SWOT Analysis in less than 10 minutes, or analyze how Porter’s 5 Forces works in your business? We’ve got you covered.

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Execution Tools

Close the gap between strategy and execution with AI

Every week we’ll give you access to new business execution tools, powered by AI. Need to create a brand new version of your website in less than an hour, or create an outbound email sequence to engage your prospects in 10 minutes, we’ve got you covered.

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Leadership Tools

Develop the next generation of leaders in your company with AI

Every week we’ll give you access to new leadership tools, powered by AI. Help your team create personalized action plans designed to help them get better at the leadership and soft skills that matter most, in less than 10 minutes.

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Enhanced Book Summaries

Ready to make the world’s best business ideas actionable?

Every week we’ll give you access to a new business book summary, along with an AI tool that will help your team create an action plan to apply the learnings, in less than 5 minutes.

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Prompt Library

11,000+ AI prompts to help you improve every single KPI that matters in business.

You’ll get immediate access to an AI Prompt Library that cuts across every single area of your business. No matter what KPI you want to improve, we’ve got you covered with AI prompts to help you start exploring how AI can help.

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Choose Your Path to Mastery

Gain weekly access to introductory courses and live workshops, while unlocking a treasure trove of libraries and advanced execution tools. Elevate your skills at your own pace, on your own terms


Tailored for real-world business impact, this program demystifies AI with hands-on courses and three personalized coaching sessions to embed AI knowledge deeply into your business strategy.


Special Annual Offer

$1,500/year, $125/month

  • Extensive, practical AI courses (valued at $1,500)

  • Trio of targeted coaching sessions for direct business application (valued at $750)


Designed for those who aim high in AI, this package includes comprehensive courses, a unique toolkit, and extensive coaching. Ideal for leaders wanting a deeper dive into AI with the added benefit of a custom-built tool.


Special Annual Offer

$4,000/year, $333/month

  • Comprehensive AI courses and toolkit (valued at $4,000)

  • A series of 10 enriching coaching sessions (valued at $5,250)

  • Your very own custom AI tool, exclusively yours (valued at $1,000)

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