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12-minute Book Summaries for Coaches, Consultants, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs...

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    Helping Business Leaders Fill the Gap

    Our product Book Summaries is a membership of 300+ best-selling personal and business development books, that they can read or listen to, in less than 12-minutes every week and utilize the core concepts in growing their skills.

    You'll earn 10% commission on the entire funnel

    Our funnel starts with a $1 trial plan for 7 days, which makes it easily converting and then have an upsell of $197 Annual Plan. In case they don't go for annual, still after 7 days, users will be under monthly membership plan for $19.97/mo.

    Potential on every customer you send , you can make $2/month. What if you send 100 customers to us, you make $200 every month. 
    Also, if someone buys Annual plan, you will get $20 from them. 

    Let's do some math here - 

    You send 1000 users to us, 10% conversion = 100 customers
    Out of 100 customers, 30% conversion (annual plan) = 30 customers
    Your earning = $2 x 100 + $20 x 30 = $800/month

    And this is 100% recurring income.  

    Affiliate Tools That Work

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    High-converting Email Swipes targeting "Emotional triggers".

    Blog Reviews

    Reviews that you can copy paste on your blogs, or on social platforms like Quora, Medium, etc.


    Articles to publish on your blog, or on PR sites, that help you gain exposure.


    Banners to place on different positions, if you are running Display Ads, Native Ads, etc.

    Landing Pages

    Multiple landing pages for different audiences. Use them and see what works best for you.

    Facebook/Linked In Messaging Sequence

    Social media is one of the ways to bring free traffic. And that's why we have also included FB/LinkedIn private messaging sequence for you.

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